98% of Autistics Hate Autism Speaks!

Today, I avenge and shatter the myth of Autism Speaks being a worthy cause.

In October 2018 I took a poll of over 1,500 Autistics’ opinion of Auti$m Speak$.

poll ended.png

“Auti$m $peaks”.

The name which strikes contempt, fear, and sorrow, in the hearts of nearly all Autistics.

approve of

Why do Autistics fear and loathe A.$.?

As an Autistic, I’ll tell you… And if I didn’t, another would– The internet is absolutely rife with Autistic sentiment against the large, very fauxcharity” / hate group. In fact, There are over 16,000 LIKES for the lovely FB page Boycott Autism Speaks: http://facebook.com/BoycottAutismSpeaksNow

Auti$m Speak$ has been profiteering from, and misrepresenting the Autistic people. Stigmatizing, infanticilizing, misappropriating us… Supporting our ABUSE. Ignoring our input and silencing us, the very people they have claimed to represent. They paint us as helpless, and themselves as the “heros”. Also, they even support genetic research to change or ELIMINATE us. But the world needs Autistics.

We’ve been speaking for ourselves for a very long time now, yet we go largely unheard while A.$. siphons the funds we’d otherwise have for improving our lives.

If you donate to Autism Speaks, look where your cash ACTUALLY goes:

(H/t Eve Reiland of International Badass Activists. Also Kat Humble of Autistic UK, TY!)

This video is a tad dated but a fair intro to the kind of things once learns when they finally start seeing what Autism Speaks is actually about:

(H/t Amythest Shaeber of Ask An Autistic)

Autism Speaks silences and speaks over Autistics. They’ve even plageurized us. They REMOVED the REVIEWS section from their FB page, to hide a -large- number of negative reviews from the Autistic community they CLAIM to represent: http://franklludwig.com/autismspeaks.html

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg….. Prepare to be utterly floored. Here is the disturbing, fearmongering television commercial Autism Speaks did a few years back. It is not representative of us AT ALL. We DO have empathy. We AREN’T damaged. We DESERVE justice for being spoken of in this way. #Doomsayers #Pathologization #Stigmatization #Marginalization #Abuse #HelpUs

A transcript of the commercial, courtesy of ASAN (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network) : https://autisticadvocacy.org/2009/09/horrific-autism-speaks-i-am-autism-ad-transcript/

A.$. has recently superficially tamed their act and removed the word “cure” from their mission statement because they were losing the battle to Autistic empathy and positivity, But among other things, they still support ABA in their resource list. They’re still very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing: http://unstrangemind.com/autism-speaks-hasnt-really-changed-anything/

And they fund studies to figure out how to detect us before birth so we can be aborted. Why else would it be important to know why Einstein was great at thought experiments? FFS, all we want is ACCEPTANCE. THIS ISN’T NECESSARY: https://www.autismspeaks.org/press-release/autism-speaks-launches-mssng-portal-open-access-genomics-research

Thanks to nefarious orgs like Autism Speaks, I continually have to spell this out:

Autistics are NOT monsters. We are NOT diseased either. Our minds and hearts are NOT missing! AUTISTICS ARE AMONG THE MOST CARING, UNIQUE AND AMAZING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD 🙂 Check out #DoILookAutisticYet . We’re LOVELY! ❤ Look to my new feature, Avenger Heros, a new periodical of mine on Instagram and FB, for featured Autistic artists and Autistic self-advocates <333

While many already know we rock, it’s still a long hard road ahead! We’re a disenfranchized people with our self-agency, self-determination, public understanding and support stolen from us by the people who claim to want to help us.

We could use the money A.S. pilfers from us, for earplugs, communication devices, sunglasses, therapists, housing…. But perhaps most of all, we just need our voices back that they stole from us, so we can make our own way in the world with true #AutismAcceptance backing it! ❤

It’s clear to me Autistickind have been around for millenia. Neurotribes by Steve Silberman is a good historical primer (http://stevesilberman.com/book/neurotribes/). But if Autism Speaks gets their way, you can kiss us goodbye 😦 No more Albert Einsteins, Marie Curies, Tim Burtons, Ladyhawkes, Lewis Carrolls, Virginia Woolfs, Amadeus Mozarts, Daryl Hannahs, Anthony Hopkins’s, Emily Dickensons, Nikola Teslas, Andy Warhols, you’s, or me… Instead, all aborted, experimented on, institutionalized or otherwise abused.

This is the unfortunate reality. We must continue to join forces in a world where such ableism and misconceptions (much of which A.$. themselves spread) exist. We need to stop anti-Autistic orgs (A.$. isn’t the only!) and force their hand, to undo the damage, and publicly rescind past and present lies and misunderstandings they poison our world with. The world we as Autistics reside in. The same world you reside in! We have a right to our own fate. Nothing about us without us. Are you with me? TONS of Autistic Self-Advocates are! ❤ But we need tons more, and more allies!

I hate to blindside you if you’re unaware, but Auti$m $peaks has been supporting OBEDIENCE TRAINING PASSED OFF AS THERAPY with electric cattle prod shockers: https://autisticmama.com/autism-speaks-partners-abusive-therapy-center/

Autism Speaks IS a Hate Group: https://awnnetwork.org/is-autism-speaks-a-hate-group/

I suppose they’ve only gotten away with all the $#!+ this long because they’ve got half the world thinking our brains are disordered and unintact. And so our opinions matter less since people then believe we “don’t know what we need” or are somehow overreacting… That is a tactic A.$. has continued to play like a fiddle. Painting us as crippled. We’re only “crippled” by a world that misunderstands us DUE TO AUTISM SPEAKS AND THE LIKE !

There’s a lot I haven’t touched on. And a lot they’ve erased from their site but you can use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to see it… Caffeinated Autistic has several good posts on A.$.: https://thecaffeinatedautistic.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/autism-speaks-still-does-not-speak-for-me

“So how can I help?”

  • Be an ally– Listen to, and boost #ActuallyAutistic voices (Share this blog post? Especially in April please 🙂 ) Check out groups for Autistic allies on Facebook. Make sure they are Autistic-led or Autistic-supported.
  • Learn the differences in how we communicate and interpret, and accomodate them– just as we work so hard to accomodate non-Autistics in this very Allistic (non-Autistic)-run world with communication protocols different from our own. Growing Up Aspie by Nathan McConnell outlines our social differences via web comic: https://www.facebook.com/growingupaspie/
  • As for funding, here’s a list of charities generally accepted as being OK or better by leading Autistic allies, advocates, and activists: https://www.facebook.com/autisticguide/photos/a.263227677363219/333891730296813
  • Visit often, and see my anti-A$ event *Sticker Mayhem* this April @ The Autistic Avenger ! 🙂

And 98 PERCENT of Autistics implore you, Dear Reader: Do NOT “Light it up Blue” (It’s an A.$. branding thing. And revenue drive.) AUTISM SPEAKS even stole Awareness Month from us (Acceptance is much more needed at this stage, but can you believe the s#*+? Pardon:


http://autismacceptancemonth.com/ <— A much better choice! ❤

Oh and here’s just one of the plageurizations perpetuated against Autistic self-advocates that I mentioned: https://lizditz.typepad.com/i_speak_of_dreams/2012/01/when-national-organizations-offend-those-they-are-supposed-to-serve.html

We are going to break Auti$m $peaks. If not us, who? They’re already beginning to falter: https://www.disabilityscoop.com/2017/09/14/autism-speaks-revenue-slide/24165/

“GRR!!!! ARG!!!!!” Ok Ok—- Now that you’re in utter shock… It would be cruel of me to just leave you this way, without offering something to make you smile: http://neurocosmopolitanism.com/this-is-autism/

Also here’s some kitties ❤ ❤ ❤


HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted in my poll! ❤ The comments are great!

Sorry for my delayed response– life happens but I’m now beginning to have more time for this 🙂 So stay tuned for more from THE AUTISTIC AVENGER!!! ——-.’–@

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Myth avenged!!! -zap! pow!- 😉 Stick around! More soon!!! ❤ The Autistic Avenger

Short link for this article: https://tinyurl.com/98hateas

14 thoughts on “98% of Autistics Hate Autism Speaks!

  1. I’m seeing a bit of a trend here… 😂

    Seriously, though, those of us who ARE Autistic almost universally HATE Autism $peaks!

    Because THEY hate US!

    Autism $peaks spews their BULLSHIT propaganda – ad nauseam – about how we’re ‘broken’, how Autism is ‘worse than cancer’ and ‘worse than AIDS’, and WORSE!

    And they’re supposed to be working FOR us!

    With ‘friends’ like that… 😡😡😡

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Robert, your blog will soon be added to our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to customize your blog’s description on the list (or to decline).
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. A poll with about 1500 answers. Posted on your own page, which is likely only seen by your followers, who’re more than likely sharing in your mindset?

    That is some horrible, unscientific polling methods.


    1. Actually the link was shared to numerous generally popular open-topic Facebook groups, from my T.A.A. FB page, way back when my page was only in its infancy ! The poll was acted upon and shared by these members and others who shared and interacted from their walls, etc… I have neglected to add this information and have been meaning to get back to it! Been so busy fighting with my #StopMMS campaign (We did it! We got the bleach fake autism “cure” warning back up on the FDA site and a billion (totally guessing?) talking about that horrific scam! 😊🎉 But yes mark my word I will soon amend this somewhat revealing post with tons of great evidence of wrongdoing and general public disapproval! True it’s not a scientifically rigorous account of numbers, but with no advance notice, 98% of 1,566 of us in open topic FB groups with members of varying amounts of internalized ableism, all said together that we strongly disapprove of Auti$m $peaks ! Also, in my more than a decade on social media, if I remember right, I’ve personally only witnessed zero misguided Autistic souls who didn’t at the time know A.$. is utterly criminally vile yet weren’t open to examining the evidence due to a poll alongside! I hope you aren’t the first– much additional info in article aside from poll. My numbers may be off but the poll is uneditable and on fb for all to see! Link is in the article. TY 🎸


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